This blog has been a while in the making. I kept putting it off because I was too busy, didn’t have anything to share those rare moments when I did have time or was simply feeling too overwhelmed and tired to bother.

So now, things have changed. Here it is.

I suffer from major depression.

I have binge eating disorder (BED).

I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I have anxiety with a tiny hint of OCD.

Am I a mess? You bet.

Am I in therapy? Yes, I took a few goes but I have found a therapist I am satisfied with. He makes me work.

Do I take a cocktail of meds? Absolutely. Sometimes I wonder why because they don’t seem to help.

Here’s me, where I am, where I came from and where I hope to go.

This is part of my therapy. One of the only things that helps me every day, every minute, even if it does ebb and flow like everything else, the thing that makes any of this worth the fight is that maybe I can help someone not hit rock bottom. If you are already there then you aren’t alone and please let me try and lift you up just enough so you can keep that small glimmer of hope and strength one more day.