This was originaly posted on Facebook on the 9th November 2016.


I had vowed not to post about politics anymore but I feel sick.

I was gropped by a man 20 years older than me for all my childhood. Americans have just said that’s ok.

I have been abused psychologically by a narcissistic parent and grandparent. Americans have just said that’s ok.

I lost a job I loved for the decade I was there because head office was manipulated by a narcissist who was my manager. They refused to do what they should have legally done to avoid paying. I lost almost everything. Americans have just said that’s ok.

I was ripped off by a multinational who lied and cheated to get my money. Americans have said this is ok.

I am a woman. Americans have just said I am worth less.

I have an eating disorder as a result of my past and struggle with my weight and have been bullied for it. Apparently I am also worthless and Americans have just told the world that bullying and discrimination against not white people, fat people, handicapped people, women, is ok.

Americans have told the world that the way to success it to use and abuse and that it is ok to do so.

America, you have elected an malignant narcissist, you chose a dictator.

I try hard to have faith in humanity despite my experience proving the contrary but after Brexit where one of my nationalities rejected the other and now this…. I really feel invalidated as a human being.

Now before you start slamming my post: Yes there is more to it than that, no Clinton is also not a good choice, yes there is other pain and suffering in the world, yes the media is biased, no I am not willing to bypass all emotions and just accept because it is unacceptable and rebelling, resisting is the only way I have, quite literally, survived so far.
And yes of course there are other Americans who don’t think this way and you are welcome to couch surf here if you want to escape your country and look for a new home.


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