On labels.


Why do we hate putting labels on things and people so much? Is it so bad to describe something or someone with a term? Does that mean the label can never change ever again? Why should it stay forever?


Where I live we avoid labels like the plague.

You get sick, your doctor treats you but telling you “You have …. “ happens less and less often.

I want my labels.

I want my diagnosis.

I need to have something concrete to read up on, to research, to call it. It can’t just be this undefined black cloud I’m scared to look at straight in the eye. To face it bravely, I need to know what I’m up against in a succinct way. A collection of symptoms isn’t clear enough for me it makes it all more complicated.

I want the people treating me to use the words. I want to use my words when I talk about this. Anxiety. Major Depression. BED. PTSD.
When I use, doctors get scared? You can see their eyes widen every time, they pause. You can see the thought bubble floating over their head: “oh my god she used the internet”.

I do the thing we mustn’t do. I self-diagnosed. I didn’t actually. They did but they seem to think that using those words is like calling “He Who Mustn’t Be Named” Voldemort.


Use the words.

Name things.

Hiding from the words just makes the illness more mysterious and scary and complicated to deal with.




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