Shades Of Hope

It’s time to address a different issue.


“Hello, my name is Musings and have an eating disorder. I have Binge Eating Disorder.”


Netflix here uploaded a new series called Addicted to Food about in-patients in a treatment center in Texas. Obviously, the title made me curious but also apprehensive since a lot of the shows about issues with food, eating badly tend to be very preachy and focused on diet and exercise only. They are fundamentally unhelpful.

This one had me hooked from the start. I cried almost all the way through every single episode but I completely related to most of the participants. It was an OMG discovery for me. I recognised myself in so many of their issues. Insights into their behaviour appears helpful for me too.

I will be watching the whole series a second time with a notebook handy. I plan to write about what comes up in me after each episode. I want to use this as an opportunity to heal myself.






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