My therapist has a couch in his office.

I chose a chair. By the little table with the box of tissues on it.

To lie in a couch I prefer to wear pyjamas and no shoes and cover myself with a very soft plaid. My sessions are not that comfortable, lying down is being vulnerable.

I have 40 years of living with narcissists who gaslight and impose other forms of abuse. Bullying in and out of school. A few rubbish jobs then the best job ever until a narcissist became my manager and shot it all to hell. I set up my own business and got ripped off by a multimedia company. It took a year and a half to fight my way out of that. During that time I got my heart broken, then … well things just keep happening and I continue to want to crawl into bed and hide there forever.

I have 3 children who have turned ignoring me and making as much noise as is humanly possible into an olympic sport.

So I pick it all apart and rebuild it in a way that allows me to survive.